Don't forget
your laundry.

Launching a unique product collaboration in an unexpected way.

As a part of their Out of Fashion campaign, Red Wing Heritage launched a limited-edition collection of footwear with an unlikely collaborator: a hole-in-the-wall laundromat in Taiwan. Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er have made a name for themselves by modeling their customer's forgotten laundry on their Instagram, @wantshowasyoung. Inspired by the couple's circular fashion ethos, Red Wing Heritage collected 30 lost, rare, and unreleased boots from the hidden corners of their Minnesota offices and put them up for auction, with all proceeds benefitting the Want Show Redefine Project.

Wanting to launch the collection with an idea as unique as the collaboration itself, Red Wing Heritage tapped our team to concept an innovative way of revealing the partnership. Inspired by the collaboration's unconventional origins and altruistic mission, we set out to design an auction whose aesthetics rivaled that of historic auction houses but was still accessible to Red Wing Heritage's audience of boot collectors.


→ Creative Direction
→ Art Direction
→ Strategy
→ Design
→ Production
→ Photography


Capturing the beauty of forgotten boots.

As part of our scope of work, we produced a collection of images that captured the impeccable quality and beauty of these handcrafted boots. We then designed a digital catalog that drove traffic to the online auction, modeling it after the long-revered catalogs published by art houses like Christie's and Sotheby's, with each boot positioned as a work of unique art that any die-hard collector would salivate over.

The campaign generated nearly $18,000 in funds for the Want Show Redefine Project and their mission of bringing awareness to circular fashion.



Creative Director // Ari Lamb
Art Director + Designer // Lora Hlavsa
Production Assistant // Zoe Lamb
Photographer // Kelsey Lee
Digitech // Duane Lage


BK&CO, Social
Turner, PR